City of venice beautification


Along the length of the Venetian Waterway Park, benches and picnic tables are available for use by visitors. Popular with visitors, each can be dedicated to the memory of someone, or can simply be a gift given by someone who wants to provide a restful spot for future park users to view.  You can provide a park amenity which will be of lasting benefit for future generations!

Both the benches and picnic tables are constructed from recycled plastic materials and will last for many years. Included in the purchase price is routine maintenance to keep the benches and tables clean and safe. Also included is a 3”x 9” cast aluminum plaque with your personal inscription.

The benches and picnic tables are priced at $500 each. Contact Venice Area Beautification, Inc. at 941-207-8224 or  for more information and the locations of the open benches and tables.