The Florida Scrub Jay is found only in Florida scrub habitat, an ecosystem that exists only in central Florida and in limited areas along the Atlantic Coast. They are endemic to Florida, meaning they live nowhere else in the world. With less than 4,000 Scrub Jays in Florida, their habitats in the Urban Forest will provide a critical rest stop. The Urban Forest provides multitudes of food for Florida Scrub Jays as they are omnivorous and eat a wide variety of acorns, seeds, peanuts, insects, tree frogs, turtles, snakes, lizards, and young mice. They frequently are seen hopping on the ground or in trees and shrubs looking for insects.

VABI has a unique opportunity to install two Scrub Jay Habitats in Phase 2-Segment 2 of the Venice Urban Forest this coming year. The endangered Scrub Jay is known to have a flyway from Oscar Scherer State Park to the South. This places the Venice Urban Forest in an ideal location to provide rest and habitat to this species. Support for this effort is being actively sought. 

The Venice Urban Forest has been created to provide habitat for birds, and animals, cooling and much needed carbor sequestration, oxygen generation and storm water absorption. The Venice Urban Forest project is restoring the natural, native vegetation....the natural ecosystem. It provides shelter from predators and cover for birdlife, as well as food, nesting spots and materials. 

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Four Butterfly Gardens


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