Freedom Walk at Patriots Park

Venice Area Beautification, Inc. oversees the Freedom Walk at Patriots Park.

West Blalock Park

and Monty Andrews Arboretum

A gorgeous park located right behind the Venice Community Center on the Island of Venice, this park has a gazebo and a walk through garden! 

Ruscelletto Fountain

Venice Area Beautification, Inc. through the hard work of Councilman Bob Daniels beautified this centrally located area in Venice.

Venice Area Beautification, inc. Park And Trail Creation projects

Venetian waterway PARK

Take a long bike ride or stroll starting at

VABI headquarters, and head all the way down to Caspersens Beach along side the intracoastal way.

lighting Banyan tree

Councilman Bob Daniels and Venice Area Beautification Inc. partnered together to have one of the Banyan Trees on Venice Ave. lit up at night. 

Urban Forest

In the spirit of the "John Nolen Plan" VABI resolves to create the Urban Forest, an oasis for all generations to enjoy!

City of venice beautification