​​​​​​​​​The Urban Forest will be located on about 26 acres of land between the eastern leg of the Waterway Trail and the Seaboard industrial section, extending between the Venice Avenue and Circus Bridges. It is just south of the old Train Depot, drive underneath the bridge and you will see the Urban Forest in the distance. The proposed corridor will extend about 1.75 miles.
The VABI Urban Forest is a critical component in enhancing the City of Venice’s urban design that was introduced by John Nolen in 1926 and remains its principle planning document. Adding this “green belt” corridor will complement Nolen’s “city garden” concept and serve to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Once completed, the Urban Forest will provide sanctuary for migratory birds as well as enhance storm water management and improve the community’s water resources. It will provide an environmental buffer between the ICW and the light industrial area adjacent to the corridor. It will provide a strategic step in re-joining the two sections of the City that were divided upon completion of the ICW.

As of October 2018, Urban Forest has over 220 trees and 400 understory plants!  

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