VABI Board is made up of 16 volunteers as board members and one staff coordinator. 

Meet our team:



Venice Area Beautification Inc. exists only because of the essential volunteers and sponsors that help VABI achieve the goals to make Venice a beautiful place to live, work, and play! Please click the link above to see how during this year's Giving Challenge Event, your donation can be matched and essential for VABI's future projects around Venice. 


Check out City of Venice's Facebook page to stay constantly updated on Venice. 

Venice Area Beautification, Inc. in Venice prides itself on supporting the Arts. For a list and location on all of VABI's Public Art please click below.

If you have seen our amazing volunteers on Thursday mornings, wearing their bright yellow shirts with KVB on them, and would like to join in... 

Peggy Davidson


Venice In Bloom is another one of VABI's volunteer groups, they have done some amazing things...

“Dear VABI Board and Staff,

Sometimes it's impossible to completely express ones gratitude for the kindness extended by others.Thank you for making this birthday a cherished memory. 

Victoria, thank you for talking with my guest. She was thrilled that you did. 
Lynn, thanks for throwing (once again) the best Boat Bash ever.

VABI Board, it has always been an honor to serve with you and call you friends.


City of venice beautification


venice in bloom