Venice Area Beautification Inc. exists only because of the essential volunteers and sponsors that help VABI achieve the goals to make Venice a beautiful place to live, work, and play! 


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Venice Area Beautification, Inc. in Venice prides itself on supporting the Arts. For a list and location on all of VABI's Public Art please click below.

“I have the best job in town” says Linda Lewis, named Volunteer of the Year for the “Keep Sarasota County Beautiful” (KSCB) organization.  Linda was awarded this prestigious title at the KSCB 28th Annual Volunteer Awards Recognition Dinner held in November. Linda resides in Venice and volunteers here in Venice for VABI’s “Team Keep Venice Beautiful”.
 Linda had lived her whole life in Michigan and never really loved winter. After teaching special education in a suburb of Detroit, she retired and started spending time in Venice. She started out spending 3 months, then 5, and now its 7 months of paradise. “From the minute I drove down West Venice Avenue, I fell in love with the downtown, “Linda said.
Good fortune led Linda to meet Monty Andrews at a parks planning session.  He invited her to join the group that is now called “Team Keep Venice Beautiful,” which is part of Venice Area Beautification Inc. (VABI) headed by Corky Dalton. “I worked with Monty and his crew cleaning up and trimming parks around town. It was and is great helping to keep Venice beautiful with a really good group of people.  The work can be hard, but the rewards are many.” Linda said.
Later, she met Bob Vedder, who started the idea of adorning the downtown with flower baskets, flower pots and flower fountains.   “Currently, I have the privilege of planting and tending the flower pots and fountains on our beautiful boulevard. I spend many mornings downtown trimming, fertilizing, tending or planting these flowers. “Linda added.  Its great meeting people passing by who are so generous with compliments about the flowers.  It's a pleasure to get to know all the Venice Public Works guys.....because they are all such an asset to the community and always so helpful to me.  So volunteering has been a wonderful experience for me.It is true that I am a member of Team Keep Venice Beautiful... and also a member of Bob Vedders' BLOOM Team that works to beautify downtown with flowers and plantings.
The best advice I can give you is if you are thinking about volunteering, you will always get more than you give.  So, what are you waiting for?​

VABI Board is made up of 16 volunteers as board members and one staff coordinator. 

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If you have seen our amazing volunteers on Thursday mornings, wearing their bright yellow shirts with KVB on them, and would like to join in... 

Venice In Bloom is another one of VABI's volunteer groups, they have done some amazing things...

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